Classic American Drive-In in Caldwell, ID

Jack's was originally built in 1960 as an Artic Circle. In 1980 Jack Felt the first owner dropped the Artic Circle franchise and changed the name to Jack's Drive In. In 1987 Jack's was purchased by the current owner Tanzy Osborne. Tanzy just didn't feel the need to change the name. "If it's not broken no reason to fix it".

Jack's strives to keep the old Drive In feel while serving you the highest quality food. All the food is cooked when you order it "never pre-cooked". At Jack's we make all of our own sauces from Jack's original recipes. We do our very best to provide our customers with great service and delicious food. With this we have partnered with Pacific North West ranchers to provide you with the highest quality beef for all the great burgers we get to serve you.

Jack's has been the first employment opportunities for many young people over the years. It now employs the children and in some cases even grandchildren of Jack's original employees. We love and appreciate our customers and the community we share with them. We would not be here without YOU!

Thank you for letting us serve you!